Kustom Chrome is your electroplating and metal finishing specialists in Perth!

Get the most out of your cherished objects with our speciality metal electroplating, chroming and metal finishing services. From tapware and furniture to motorbike and car parts, we can help give your metal objects new life. We offer a range of metal work services in Perth including copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating and metal polishing and metal finishing.

We conduct each project with care, taking into account your requirements and offering expert advice. Fancy yourself a bit of a car enthusiast and looking to restore your old car or beloved motorbike? Or simply want to improve the quality of an object and give it a new look? Our expert team can help. We love to see the results of old objects brought back to life and we are sure you love the results too!

Whether you are looking for corrosion resistance, conductivity or a more aesthetic appeal, our friendly, experienced staff can help you find the best solution. We take the time and effort to conduct each project with the highest care and consideration, so we can guarantee 100% satisfaction from our customers.

With our expertise in delicate parts handling, you won’t have to worry about your more fragile and precious objects. We can assure you that we take the utmost precaution with each project to ensure that your precious objects are handled with care. For more delicate objects, we use a speciality racked plating technique by hanging individual parts on a rack before conducting the electroplating process. This ensures that parts remain stationary and are not damaged during the process.

Our facility features multiple production lines and overhead cranes, so we can handle projects of all sizes!

Our facilities are located in Malaga, but we can come to you. So, we are able to accept jobs from all around Perth. For the highest quality electroplating services at an affordable price, give us a call today!

Our Services

Motorcycle Electroplating


Give your metal objects new life with our electroplating services.…
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Copper Plating Results Kustom Chrome

Copper Plating

We offer copper plating services for small and large parts,…
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Chrome Plated Delicate Objects

Chrome Plating

Our chrome electroplating services can give your objects a brand-new…
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Nickel Plated Vintage Car Kustom Chrome

Nickel Plating

Nickel plating can be used to improve an objects wearability,…
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metal polishing before and after results

Metal Finishing and Polishing

We can make your metal objects shiny and lustrous with…
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We are proud to offer our clients the following benefits of working with us:

Quick Turnover

Affordable prices

Top quality plating

Certification in industrial & commercial specifications

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