Electroplating Perth

Kustom Chrome is your Perth electroplating experts. We have a range of electroplating services including, chrome plating, nickel plating and copper plating. Depending on your personal requirements, we can consider factors such as solderability, conductivity and corrosion resistance to determine which plating option and metal type best suits the job. We can also do electroplating for industrial settings, military and commercial specifications.

What is electroplating?

Electroplating involves applying a thin metal coating onto another metal object, by passing an electric current through a solution containing the metal element. Electroplating is used in a variety of industries for protective purposes, to increase the wear of the product, to reduce corrosion and for decorative purposes.

Advantages of electroplating

  • Provide corrosion resistance by coating a corrosion prone substance with a non-corrosive metal
  • Improve appearance of an object by adding shine and lustre
  • Increase hardness and durability of the objects
  • Provide a smooth and uniform finish
  • Form a protective barrier to increase the object’s lifespan
  • At Kustom Chrome, we offer rack, wired and barrel plating.

Rack Plating/Wire Plating

Is conducted by hanging parts on a rack and submersing them in the plating solution. The parts are fixed to metal racks using screws, springs or wires which means stay stationary when submersed. Therefore, this plating process is used for fragile, delicate or complex parts. This results in a very high-quality finish and is usually used to process parts in the automotive, medical and electronics industry. Using this specialty process, you can be assured that all of your fragile or delicate parts are handled with the utmost care!

Barrel Plating

Involves placing the parts inside a barrel which is immersed in the electrolytic plating solution, while the barrel slowly tumbles. This causes the individual pieces tumble, and have contact with each other, allowing for greater plating efficiency and a uniform coating. This process works well for pieces of various size and large quantities of small pieces. It is also more cost effective as each piece does not need to be individually racked.

Depending on the quantity, part shape and size, we can recommend an appropriate electroplating technique and metal type. Our electroplating company guarantees to deliver flawless results in a timely manner at a highly reasonable price, so give us a call today!

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