Metal Polishing Services Perth

At Kustom Chrome, we specialise in high quality mechanical metal polishing services and metal pickling services. We’re able to handle metal polishing projects of all shapes and sizes in our large-scale metal plant, for any item that can be brought in over-the-road. We carry out all of our metal polishing services on-site at our facility which features multiple production lines with overhead cranes, resulting in effective and efficient work. Kustom Chrome metal finishing services are conducted using computerised procedures and bath chemistry controls, assuring consistent and repeatable metal polishing outcomes.

Mechanical Metal Polishing

Metal polishing can be an essential part of both the preparation of a surface and the final finishing of a surface, it can also be completed as a standalone treatment or as a pre-treatment to processes such as electroplating and metal painting. The mechanical metal polishing process works to improve the surface conditions of a metal object for either decorative or functional purposes.

Mechanical polishing covers grinding, buffing and polishing throughout various abrading techniques. The process involves the smoothing of a surface using mechanical tools and abrasives and is performed in steps with progressively finer abrasives until a desired smoothness is achieved. The mechanical polishing process works to alter the macroscopic and microscopic surface texture of a metal object. The mechanical metal polishing treatments conducted at Kustom Chrome are carried out by a team of experienced and very skilled operators, something that is key to such a labour intense process.

Metal Pickling

To put it simply, pickling removes the oxide layer of a metal object and passivation restores the oxide layer of a metal object.


The pickling process involves subjecting a metal object to some form of acid treatment, typically Hydrofluoric and Nitric acids. The acids work to remove a very thin and passive chromium oxide layer from the surface of the object that may have been affected by heat during welding and thermal cutting, or by mechanical processes such as rolling, bending and punching. Metal pickling reduces impurities such as stains, contaminants, rust and scale.

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