Copper Plating Perth

At Kustom Chrome, we are your copper plating experts, with extensive experience in copper plating solutions. We offer a range of copper plating services including unique barrel, rack and wired copper on steel, stainless steel and brass copper plating.

Copper Electroplating

“Copper electroplating” or “copper plating”, involves the process of layering copper on the surface of an item, using a process of electrolysis. Copper is a reddish-brown metal which can range from dull matte finish, to a bright, shiny finish. There are a variety of reasons why copper electroplating is necessary. Copper is highly versatile, giving it numerous advantages over other metals.

Copper Plating Applications

Copper is usually used as an undercoat for nickel and other metals, helping to prevent base metal migration and to enhance adhesion. As copper is a relatively soft and malleable metal, it is able to maintain good adhesion to the substrate, even if bent or manipulated post plating. It also provides a very smooth and uniform coverage on base metals which makes it a great base for additional plating processes. While copper is most commonly used as a base, it can also be used for decorative purposes or as a final finish if desired.

Other Advantages of Copper Plating

  • Increase corrosion resistance of the base material
  • Provides good adhesion to base metals and precious metals
  • Useful as a base to prepare surfaces for soldering
  • Acts as a heat treatment stop-off
  • Smooths damaged or pitted surfaces to provide uniform thickness
  • Acts as a carburizing and decarburizing shield
  • Ideal for heating and electrical applications due to its conductive nature

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